Why Does Your Body Need Water?

There are so many reasons to drink water that you can think of water as an essential nutrient.

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Water is absolutely necessary for digestion, for circulation, and the transportation of nutrients to, and waste from every cell in your body and for a healthy immune system. A well hydrated body is essential for maintaining your body temperature, and many other important functions.

Let’s take a look at the major ways we lose water from our bodies. Water loss occurs continuously through our breathing, evaporation from our skin and sweat pores, and through urination and even defecation. Fluid loss is accentuated during strenuous exercise and in warmer weather. You must replenish all of these losses otherwise you will become dehydrated, which leads to mild to severe health issues.

So, why does your body need water? Well, for starters, if you made an ingredient list of your body, water would be the very first, main ingredient. Your body is actually about 60 to 70% water.

By getting into the habit of sipping fresh water throughout the day, and especially during meals and snacking, you’re giving your body the best chance to maintain these functions, and your overall health.

Top Reasons to Consistently Drink Water

  1. Maintain important bodily functions – Drinking a good amount of water everyday keep your bladder, colon, and kidneys working efficiently to help remove waste from your body. Concentrations of waste, which are toxic to your body, accumulate in these organs, and must be diluted for proper elimination.
  2. Prevention of cancer and other serious diseases – Studies have shown that by maintaining good hydration lowers the incidence of bladder and colon cancers. It also helps to prevent the clogging of arteries in the heart and brain, which cannot function efficiently without good hydration.
  3. Good hydration relieves pain – Water keeps your joints lubricated, and muscles and tendons are more elastic and less prone to injury. Dehydration is the most common cause of headaches, so drinking enough water can help prevent them.
  4. Helps with weight loss & Digestion – Water has no calories, so it’s a great substitute for high calorie drinks. Proper hydration, along with activity, helps keep your metabolism from becoming sluggish. Drink water with your meals to help you feel fuller. Good hydration aids in absorption of nutrients from within your intestines, and helps keep things moving along the gastrointestinal tract and prevents constipation. Constipation is the main reason for heartburn, so staying hydrated, and eating enough roughage is very important.
  5. Healthy Skin & Complexion – Your skin benefits from drinking water. In fact, drinking filtered water is the best thing you can do for the health of your skin and complexion.
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Drinking Water is Healthy.

When you are low on fluids, your brain and pituitary gland triggers the body’s thirst mechanism, and also communicates with your kidneys to control how much water to excrete as urine or hold onto as reserves.

Once you’re adequately hydrated, the mechanism causes the kidneys to excrete excess fluids. A good gauge to tell you how hydrated you are, is to take notice of the color of your urine.

The more deeply colored or any noticeable scent is a good indication of dehydration, and you should get some water into your system, whereas little to no color can indicate proper hydration.

Clean Water is Health – 5 Tips for enjoying water

Filtering your drinking water first is the best way to make sure that you aren’t ingesting contaminants that are harmful to your health. Many harmful substances that find their way into drinking water, even from treated town or city water. If you get your water from a well on your own property, increasing sources of contamination is finding its way into groundwater.

  1. Install a good water filter system in your kitchen so you always have clean water on hand.
  2. Add Ice – Ice water is the best for quenching thirst, and ice-cold water is enjoyable when you’re snacking at home, and for meals.
  3. Fill your own water bottles and keep in the fridge for work or when you’re on-the-go, or fill a water jug with purified water and ice for when you’re away from home.
  4. Substitute water for that third cup of coffee. Get into the habit of drinking refreshing ice water instead of health-damaging drinks that contain sugar or chemicals.
  5. Think about all the benefits that water provides for your body. Never forget that staying well-hydrated is essential for good health.

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