Hello!  I’m Mark and this is the place where you can learn everything you need to know about water filters for your home.

This is my blog where I highlight issues that may affect the water that comes into your house and the water you drink.

We’ll look at different water filters and systems that are designed to remove the contaminants that routinely make their way into our water supply.

I’ll help you identify the right filter for your families needs.  We’ll look at the most economical ways to make your water safe.  Let me show you the best ways I’ve learned to do just that. Check out my Home Page where I review different ways to filter your water. This is a good place to start.

Your Home Water Filters is dedicated to researching water filter systems and highlighting their capabilities, so that you can make quick comparisons, and discover the best filter for you.

I live in a small farming community in Western New York State whose residents are concerned with the quality of their water.  As in many farming communities, pesticide and herbicide usage is prominent in this area.  Many of us are on water wells, but many others in the area are connected to treated city or town water.

As you’ll see, both sources can, and do, have their contamination issues.

It’s my intent to inform individuals and families about the possible water pollutants in your tap water, and to detail systems designed to eliminate these impurities.

For your health, let’s make sure your drinking water is the purest it can be.

Thank you very much for visiting my site.


p.s.  My family gets our water from our 53 foot deep, private well with a submersible pump.  The water is delivered to a pressurized holding tank in the basement.  Before it’s distributed throughout the house, the water flows through a single-cartridge, whole-house Sediment Filter.

The water is then conditioned in our Water Softener to remove excess minerals.  It then supplies the entire house.  For drinking, this pre-conditioned water is then fed to our a Reverse Osmosis filter system under the kitchen sink.  The crystal-clear, purified RO water feeds a countertop tap and splits off to feed our refrigerator and ice-maker.

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