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What is the Roundup Toxicity in Humans?

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Roundup, the highly-toxic herbicide, has recently been detected in groundwater samples at levels that far exceed that needed to cause breast cancer in women. Researchers have also found that exposure to the herbicide, even in minute amounts as small as a few parts per trillion (ppt), will multiply breast cancer cells by as much as 1300%!

The EU Commission has enormous evidence that these compounds cause birth defects, infertility and cancer, even when exposed to very small amounts.

The EU Commission has enormous evidence that these compounds cause birth defects, infertility and cancer, even when exposed to very small amounts.

Every year, tens of millions of gallons of the highly-toxic herbicide known as Roundup is used to douse farm crops, and the amounts applied increase every year. Rain washes these chemicals from lawns and farmland and they flow into the local water shed and ground water which feeds rivers, aquifers, ponds, lakes, and wells from which we all draw our drinking water.

Water samples from all over the world have been found to be contaminated in increasing amounts. Municipalities do not remove these water soluble toxins in water treatment plants

The manufacturer of Roundup herbicide, Monsanto, has always claimed that these chemicals are safe and pose no threat to the environment or people, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has largely taken their word for it, without any testing of their own.

Crop Duster Spraying Roundup - GlyphosateHowever, recent studies by independent scientists have concluded otherwise. Repeated testing has shown that these carcinogens do not readily break down or biodegrade in soil, as is claimed by Monsanto. Rather, these chemicals are seeping through soils and accumulate in the groundwater.

Monsanto’s own testing showed that at best, only 2% of the herbicide will break down in the environment after a month. This means that these poisons are potent for a very long time, and have plenty of time to make it to our taps with near full potency!

The active component of Roundup is Glyphosate, which has been linked to more than 20 adverse health effects, including birth defects, infertility and cancer. The ingredients that have been posed as “inactive” have been found to be even more toxic than the glyphosate, but when combined, they have been found to be dozens of times more deadly than any of them alone!

Facts of the Chemical Herbicide Industry

Since the 1980’s, the industry has known that mid to high-level exposure to glyphosate causes birth defects in animals. Since 1993, the industry has known that birth defects happen even at low doses. By 1998, the German government has known that glyphosate causes birth defects, and by 2002, scientific experts presented the EU Commission with enormous evidence that these compounds cause birth defects, infertility and cancer, even when exposed to very small amounts.

Scientific Studies of Glyphosate and Roundup Components

In 2013, the conclusion of a well publicized, carefully conducted study by French scientists who investigated how the health of rats was affected by eating Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready GMO corn, along with the normal traces of Roundup herbicide that accompanies it in our food supply.

The horrific results from that study showed severe adverse health effects to the initially healthy rats, including mammary and other large cancerous tumors, kidney, liver and other tissue death, leading to premature deaths of the rats.

The biotech industry routinely goes to great lengths to spread disinformation and discredit scientists who speak out against GMO’s and glyphosate. This study and the scientists were viciously attacked by the biotech industry. The industry and particularly Monsanto have continuously paid bribes to corrupt politicians, making sure that no laws are passed to protect consumers. News media is often paid-off to not report the dangers of GMO’s and the toxic chemicals that are used on them.
There is a very high chance that foods produced with GM crops contain Roundup residues. It’s also very likely that the water coming into your house, the water that you and your family drink and cook with contains traces of Roundup residues.

What can you do to avoid these toxins?

You can:

• Avoid processed, prepackaged food, and cereals made with corn and wheat.
• Avoid foods and condiments made with soybean or corn oils.
• Buy and eat only organic foods to avoid both genetically modified crops and the agricultural chemicals used on them.
• Grow your own vegetable garden and fruit trees, and use organic ways to deal with weeds and pests, then you’ll know that your fruits and vegetables are free of toxins.
• Install your own Reverse Osmosis water filter system to rid your drinking water of chemicals and microorganisms.

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