Is Municipal Water Safe?

Every day, millions of people rely on water from utilities and take the purity of their tap water for granted. When we look deeper, we can see that water from public treatment systems is contaminated enough so as to pose health risks to everyone, especially those with compromised immune systems.

Drinking Water Treatment Process.
Drinking Water Treatment Process.

Regardless of location, contaminants like lead, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals are routinely found in treated municipal water with increasing regularity.   In addition to that, Chlorine and Fluoride are serious toxins that are routinely added to your drinking water.   These contaminants pose major health risks!   Click on the Video below for the dangers of Chlorine…

Remove The Chlorine From Tap Water Before Drinking – Video

Don’t Drink Fluoridated Water,  Fluoride is Extreme Poison – Video

Although some still advocate its supposed benefits, fluoride has been exposed as a hazardous industrial waste, and is actually poisonous to us.

Click on the video below for an excellent explanation of the dangers of ingesting fluoride…


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Filter Your Water

Those millions of people on private wells may not poisoned with fluoride, but do have other types of contaminants, such as poisons from farm run-off and the greater possibility of bacterial contamination. Herbicides and pesticide chemicals from farm runoff, and dangerous bacteria and viruses are common causes of groundwater contamination in rural wells.

Unused pharmaceuticals are incinerated in some localities, but often times are disposed of into land fills and causing groundwater contamination. Also, tens of millions of doses of drugs prescribed to us annually don’t just disappear harmlessly into our bodies, but instead are excreted and make their way back into the environment, often intact without breaking down.

With all this going on, it’s hard to tell which is worse, the poisonous chemicals from agriculture and industrial activity leeching into our public water systems, or the noxious chemicals deliberately added to public water.

You cannot rely on others to protect you and your family.   By installing a Reverse Osmosis Filter System, you’ll be providing your family with safe and clean, crystal-clear, great-tasting water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems produce the healthiest and best drinking water for your family at the lowest cost per volume of any filtration systems.

What Chemicals do Reverse Osmosis Systems Remove?

A reverse osmosis filter system generally removes any molecular compound that is larger in size than the size of the pores within the filter.

These pores are about the size of water molecules.  A host of pollutants that cannot pass through include arsenic, salts, lead, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, other chemicals, and even radioactive materials!

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