Top Rated Countertop Water Filters

Tap Master Jr. F2 (with Fluoride Filter) Counter-top Water Filter

Low initial cost and fast set up are two benefits of countertop water filters. Activated-carbon filter material, results in better tasting and healthier water. The top rated countertop water filters …


Best Under Counter Water Filters

Under Sink Water Filter System

Finding the right water filter for your needs is a matter of knowing what’s available.  Let’s compare popular and top-rated under counter water filters to one another. An under counter …


Most Common Contaminants in Water

Pathogens in Water.

The most common harmful contaminants in water are microorganisms, nitrate, arsenic Herbicides and Pesticides. Microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Giardia, lamblia, cryptosporidium, coliform, and E. coli are the most …


Why Does Your Body Need Water?

Woman Holding Water Glass

There are so many reasons to drink water that you can think of water as an essential nutrient. Water is absolutely necessary for digestion, for circulation, and the transportation of …


Is Municipal Water Safe?

Drinking Water Treatment Process.

Every day, millions of people rely on water from utilities and take the purity of their tap water for granted. When we look deeper, we can see that water from …